Mixed Ensemble


Canyon Shadows

  • Composed 1997
  • First Performed 1999
  • Published 2019
  • Duration 17'
  • NFA Newly Published Music Award Co-winner, 2020
  • Flute, Native Flute and Percussion


  1. Searching - 3'
  2. Moving In - 3'
  3. Echo - 2.3'
  4. Celebration - 4'
  5. Dusk - 2.8'


  • Hoover envisioned an ancient time when natives first came across the Grand Canyon.

    Inspired in large part by the Grand Canyon of the American Southwest, Hoover envisioned an ancient time when natives first came across this geological wonder. For this vision, she sought to combine a Native flute with the modern silver flute, native music with “western” music, and bringing forth natural sounds through music notation. From Hoover's notes: “In my mind's eye I saw a band of native ancestors searching for a home, finding a canyon and moving in. In the third movement their calls echo across the canyon. There is a celebration, and the piece ends with dusk settling in, with chirps and murmurs, bats, and memories.

    - K. Hoover.

  • Papagena Press thanks Joanne Lazzaro for editing, posthumously.

  • JoRazzal Music is publisher of the World-Premiere recording by Joanne Lazzaro and Dreamcatcher.


  • Opus 8
  • Composed 1975
  • Duration 12'
  • Flute, Violin, Viola, Violoncello


  1. Allegro giocoso
  2. Adagio-Vivace


  • Deserves a welcome place not only in the flute repertoire, but also in the history of American music.
    - Thomas Warner.

  • Divertimento is, as its name implies, a light work, and one that was written with the enjoyment of the players much in mind. The musical sources are international - French, a touch of Russian, a bit of jazz. The fast section of the second movement has short "character" motifs for each instrument, which are sometimes played alone, sometimes mixed, rather like individual steps in an exuberant country dance.
    - K. Hoover.


  • Opus 22
  • Composed 1982
  • Duration 12'
  • Clarinet, Violin, Piano


  1. Allegro
  2. Andante (Variations on a Colonial hymn)
  3. Allegro vivace


  • Images was written in 1982 for the Verdehr Trio, which has recorded the piece for Leonarda Productions on CD (LE326).

  • This piece has to do with the way various images - or themes - are changed in the process of thinking. The first movement is concerned with two very distinct ideas that eventually interact and affect each other. The second movement is a set of six variations on a somewhat somber American colonial hymn, "God of my Justice". Each of the variations relates back to the original theme rather than to each other, as is traditional. The third movement begins with similar themes which diverge and eventually agree to a separation. It also contains hints of a Gershwin tune that reveals itself at the very end.
    - K. Hoover.

Lyric Trio

  • Opus 27
  • Composed 1983
  • Duration 18'
  • NFA Newly Published Music Award, 1994
  • Flute, Cello, Piano


  • Commissioned by the Huntingdon Trio.

  • In 1983 I was commissioned to write a piece for the Huntingdon Trio. I chose to write a substantial piece with more emphasis on melody than much of the music being written at that time, hence the name. The long first movement has two main ideas; one energetic and rhythmic, the other lyric. Most of the movement concerns the interweaving of these ideas, with two dream-like interpolations. The second movement is a melodious serenade. Each instrument has its own solo to sing, and then these are brought together toward the end of the movement. The third is a perpetual motion with overtones of jazz, odd sounds, and references to the first movement.
    - K. Hoover.

  • Katherine Hoover is a leading contemporary composer by anyone's definition, and her Lyric Trio is a particularly attractive example of her work. This well-crafted trio, apparently inspired by the neo-classical tradition, is as remarkable for its accessibility as for its gracious solo writing.
    - Michael Redmond

Two Pieces (Fauré)

  • Arranged 2002
  • Duration 15'
  • 2 Flute and Piano


  1. Le Jardin de Dolly
  2. Le Pas Espanol, Premiered August 2007


  • Composed by Gabriel Fauré and arranged by K. Hoover.

    Le Pas Espano premiered by K. Hoover and Don Bailey on August 16, 2007 at the NFA Convention in Washington, DC.

  • Gabriel Faure was born May 12, 1845, Pamiers, Ariege, France and died Nov. 4, 1924 in Paris.

Two Preludes

  • Composed 2012
  • Premiered March 2013
  • Flute, Vibraphone, Marimba


  1. uptown
  2. out of town


  • Writen for Zara Lawler and paul Fadoul and premiered March 2013 at New York Flute Club's tribute concert for Katherine.

  • Hoover says, simply, "My two short preludes are self-explanatory: Uptown is energetic and up tempo, and Out of Town is pastoral." - Lawler & Fadoul

Two Dances

  • Composed 1976
  • Flute, Oboe, Guitar