Woodwind with Panio


Sonata for Oboe and Piano

  • Opus 44
  • Composed 1991
  • Duration 16'
  • Oboe and Piano


  • Commissioned by Vinland Duo; Premiered at the Weill Recital Hall, NY, April 1991.

  • Throughout my composing career I have avoided the name "Sonata". Discussion of the term in Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians(Fifth Edition) runs to twenty-two pages. In this case, however, it seems appropriate, for it gives a sense of substantiality, and a link to the past.

    The first movement introduction contains a short quote from Samuel Barber's haunting and beautiful "Cave of the Heart", a piece I played often on tour with the Martha Graham Dance Company in the 1960's. This quote becomes a motive that generates much of the rather lyrical first movement.

    The second movement is much more intense, and grows in a freer fashion from the opening ostinato to a large climax. It ends in a somewhat improvisatory, pastoral mood, which I have always found particularly appealing on the oboe.

    The third movement hasn't a single serious measure, and even pokes a little fun at some of what comes before.

    - K. Hoover.


  • Opus 41
  • Composed 1989
  • Duration 8'
  • Clarinet, Piano


  • Commissioned. by New York State Music Teachers Association.

  • Ritual was written in 1989 and is influenced by my study of Greek folk music, which features the clarinet as a virtuoso solo instrument. The piece is in three distinct parts. The first consists mostly of isolated gestures; a sort of recitative. This moves into a mournful, measured duet that builds in steady motion to a climax that recalls some of these opening gestures. This is followed by a fast, at times almost frenzied dance. Many of the runs, interval patterns and rhythms, particularly in the dance, are related to the Greek tradition.
    - K. Hoover.


  • Opus 31
  • Composed 1983
  • Duration 4'


  1. Bassoon, Piano
  2. Cello, Piano
  3. Voice, Piano
  4. Carinet, String quartet


  • A short melodic piece...'Aria' was written in 1982 as the middle movement of a Serenade for clarinet and string quartet. This piece was originally intended for adult amateurs, and its simplicity and lyricism have proved perfect for the cello.
    - K. Hoover.


  • Composed 2007
  • Bassoon, Piano


  • Consortium commission; 31 bassoonists coordinated by Peter Kolkay.

  • Dedication: for Peter Kolkay. Premiered October of 2009 by Kolkay and pianist Alexandra Nguyen in Panama City, Panama.
    - K. Hoover.


  • Composed 2011
  • Soprano Saxophone, Piano


  1. Can she excuse my wrongs
  2. Weep no more sad fountains
  3. Fine knacks for ladies


  • Commissioned by Christopher Creviston and James Forger and premiered February 24, 2012 at the WMP Concert Hall, New York, by Christopher Creviston and Hannah Gruber.

    Based on Three Elizabethan lute songs by English Renaissance composer John Dowland.

    Katherine says she was struck by the soprano saxophone beautiful vocal quality after hearing the instrument played in a cathedral.

  • I have treated [these songs] in somewhat varying ways; counterpoint in the first, some variations in the second, and rhythmic play in the last, always being informed by the original song and/or words.

    These songs were commonly called Airs, or ‘Ayres,’ in the spelling of the time.

    - K. Hoover.